July 2021 Newsletter

Dear CUAA Community,

I hope that you all are well. It has been a relatively quiet month, but we anticipate that to change as fall approaches. Please continue to send me publications, events, and news that you believe would be of interest to our community.



Recent Events

Graduate Student Working Group

The Graduate Student Working met on June 25th and continued to discuss its direction and members’ needs. Several doctoral students expressed an interest in creating a writing circle. This would be a space where students could find partners to review each other’s work, bounce ideas of each other, and, generally, hold themselves accountable. If you know of a graduate student that could benefit from participating in a writing circle, don’t hesitate to put them in contact with me at nathan.romine.183@my.csun.edu.  The next formal meeting for the graduate student working group will take place in late August (more details to come in next month’s newsletter).

Upcoming Events

New Name, New Website: CUAA Partners with IntersectLA

A few of you may have noticed that our current website is outdated. We’ve decided to partner with IntersectLA, a student-operated and faculty-run creative strategy agency at California State University, Northridge, to redesign it. Our new website will be fresh, easily accessible, and will highlight the work of our members and our section’s journal, City and Society. As we begin discussions with IntersectLA, I encourage you to reach out and share any ideas that you have. Perhaps, you’ve seen a feature on another website that you found exceptionally useful. Or maybe there is specific content that you would like us to incorporate.

Regarding the latter, we are creating a repository of syllabi covering a variety of courses in anthropology. We believe that this will be a useful tool to newer and more seasoned scholars alike, as they refine and introduce new courses at their respective institutions. I’ll be following up on this matter and collecting material in the coming weeks and months.

AAA Hybrid Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD (November 17-21)

This year’s annual AAA meeting is a hybrid event – registrants can participate virtually or in person in Baltimore, MD. The theme is “Truth and Responsibility.” Our sections plans to host two roundtables: “What is Critical about Critical Anthropology” and “Truth Be Told: Insights from Applications of Anthropology to Urban Public Space Issues.” Members interested in attending can register here.

Recent Publications

Lynne Milgram, Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U), recently published two articles that explore social entrepreneurship in coffee production and at public markets in the Philippines.

“Social Entrepreneurship and Arabica Coffee Production in the Northern Philippines: Navigating Opportunities and Constraints”

“Repositioning the Edge: The Resilience of a Wholesale Vegetable Market in Benguet Northern Philippines” In Norms and Illegality: Intimate Ethnographies and Politics.

In his latest work, Gerald Roche, Anthropologist and Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Politics and Philosophy at La Trobe University, examines urbanization in Tibet and critically reviews literature discussing urban minority minzu in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Urbanizing Tibet: differential inclusion and colonial governance in the People’s Republic of China

Urbanizing Minority Minzu in the PRC: Insights from the Literature on Settler Colonialism

Let’s Get This Balloon to Float

Again, we’d like this newsletter to reflect our member’s work, interests, and ideas. Should you have any information or ideas that you would like us to share with the community in our next newsletter, email nathan.romine.183@my.csun.edu by August 10th.